5G is coming, here is what you must know

5gSince the birth of the first Internet connectivity, the latter has been increasingly becoming faster. So, only in the United States, the speed of the internet has doubled every year since 2007.

What is spreading rapidly worldwide is currently 4G technology, 10 times faster than its predecessor, 3G. However, work has already commenced 5G and one of the most active companies in this sector is Huawei. Continue reading “5G is coming, here is what you must know”

Nest thermostat “speaks” with smartphone

nsetThe new application enables various devices in the family Nest, like thermostats, or cameras, fire alarm system, etc. to communicate with smartphone, iOS or Android, or even “smartwatch” with “Android Wear”.

This will help you understand when there is no one at home, to regulate the temperature of the apartment or other lighting apparatus. Continue reading “Nest thermostat “speaks” with smartphone”

The Futuristic concept of the new car from BMW


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first production car, BMW has introduced a new concept model called ‘Vision Vehicle.

In contrast to other concepts that are very futuristic and impossible, this version does not differ much from cars to move down the street today, but there are some very delicate finesse. Continue reading “The Futuristic concept of the new car from BMW”