The Skype co-founder comes with a new app

wire-appWire, a new business start-up with 50 people will start mainly composed from engineers and former founder of The Skype, infiltrating on the stage and in a global political debate on encryption and privacy.

Wire said on Thursday that its application will have the added option of video-calls with a service package private communication that goes beyond existing messaging providers. Continue reading “The Skype co-founder comes with a new app”

How to check if an iphone is stolen or not

imeiMaybe the easiest way to check the identity and status of the iPhone and iPad devices is through the IMEI code. IMEI is always unique and to any device that connects to the network apart from the rest. Now, if the option to lock the iPhone or iPad devices previously activated, you will easily be able to find out whether they were stolen or not. Continue reading “How to check if an iphone is stolen or not”

Power Clean android review

power-cleanIf you are looking for an application that will truly and without “acting” delete all unnecessary files, cache and apps then the Power Clean is the right choise for you!

If your Android phone or tablet is not as well-versed internal memory, or RAM memory, a chance to quickly run out of it are very achievable. The new Android application called “Clean Power” argues that it will cost you only one or two megabytes of memory for your phone, which means it does not take up much space and frees it in an efficient way.  Continue reading “Power Clean android review”

Best android antivirus 2016

antivirViruses are becoming more present on the Android platform. The newer versions of Google, like LoliPop and Marshmallow, introduces individual licensing applications for certain activities. This should significantly to improve safety. Users even then are not 100% sure. Consequently we decided to suggest to you a few Antivirus applications that we believe to be the best. Continue reading “Best android antivirus 2016”