Learn about the latest innovations from WhatsApp

whatsapp-contentWhatsApp has recently made the latest update, enabling five new applications for its users.

In the new version that came out initially for iOS on the App Store, the update includes a more friendly typographic design and a correction for a breakdown that caused some users to overload their mobile devices. Continue reading “Learn about the latest innovations from WhatsApp”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in three colors

galaxy-s7-edge-colores-960x623Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone is expected to be launched at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2016 event to be held in Barcelona.

Until now we knew almost everything when it comes to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones, including specifications and photos.

Now a new set of render that model Galaxy S7 Edge displays in three variants. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in three colors”