How to move an app to sd card android

android_samsungSee how to move applications from the tablet or phone to MicroSD card and free up memory on your Android device.

In cases when you have a lot of applications and games, your phone is easy to run out of available memory. A lot of phones from medium and lower classes did not have much space for installation files. Keep in mind that the internal memory is virtually divided into two parts. One part of the installation files, and another for classical files that are not stored by the installation (the multimedia files, etc.). You know the situation where you have free space on the phone and when you try to install an application from Google Play Store it tells you dont have a space? That’s just because a part of internal memory for applications is full. In these situations, the easiest solution is to all your large applications switch to MicroSD.

1. Go to setting up your phone.

2. In the settings, find the category of “application manager”. On some Samsung phones, this category is located in the snippet “no”.

3. In the category “Application manager” on the top of the page you have the title of “SD Card” that should be touching.

4. When you tap on the title of “SD Card” will be listing all applications that can be placed in your MicroSD card. Click on the empty cube of an application.

5. When you click on an empty cube will appear a new page where you have the “Move to SD cards.”

6. Click on the “Move to SD cards.” Start moving.