Ideas for reusing wooden pallets

Wooden-PalleIf you have Wooden pallets or any parts of them that are no longer needed you? Prior to discard, check out some creative ways how to use and create something original and useful.

From old pallets, with a little imagination and skill you can make kitchen tables, desks, kitchen furniture, swing, sofas, beds, fences, vases, photo frames …

The possibilities are infinite, you just need a little imagination andcreative skills.

pallet-wood-shoes-rack-1These pieces of wood, long, flat rectangular, can be adapted to the environment of the house and allow you to build functional mobile outlook express artistic creativity.

Wooden pallets are products that are easily accessible. Pallet wood is stable, crude, rough-surfaced and often overlooking musty due to expired colorants used.

Pallets are perfect as a base for a sofa, armchair or angle possible if sets of comfortable cushions and pillow for support. Or we could create a bed and a small table.

Pallets are found in different proportions. They can be placed on the wall to serve as a library for books, as a decorative structure to hold different or even furnishings to create mobile antique style kitchen. Or we can build a shoe rack or holder to flower.

With wood pallets, which can be painted according to taste, you can create a decorative frame or used to set various family photos.

14Pallet thickness ranges around 15 centimeters. This measure allows us to create a structure to fix a wet wall or even for wearing all purpose wall decoration or creating a warm atmosphere in the house.

The pallets can also create partitions possible home environment, for example a wall between the kitchen and living environment.

Për sa i përket mjediseve të jashtme, paletat janë ideale për kopshtet apo tarracat. I përdorim për tavolina, karrige dhe pupa.

With a large number of pallets, we can build a fence in the garden to bestow flowers planted.

The work of our large or small actions will depend only on the creative capacity of each of us.12